Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nail envy


My nails don't hold polish very well. I paint them or get a manicure, and 24 hours later there's a chip. Nevertheless, I don't like my nails bare, so it's the burden I must bear. There are two nail trends that I'm anxious to try out.

Sephora by OPI has created 'Chic Prints for Nails' ($15). Celebs have been a fan of Minx nails for a while (prices ranging from $30-$55). The Chic Prints are similar but more affordable. I like the tiger and fishnet print. Each package comes with 16 patches for one-time application to nails or toes. They seem kind of tedious to apply, but they'd definitely be fun to try for a special occasion.[]

Another trend that I'm super-excited about is Revlon's Suede nail collection. The best part about these pastel polishes is that they're $3.99, and I'm sure there are coupons to be found, too. I'm obsessed with the beige! These are coming soon to stores.

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