Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Michael Sheen as Aro in New Moon

I am thrilled about New Moon director Chris Weitz's choice of Michael Sheen as Aro. Sheen was incredible in The Queen as Tony Blair and Frost/Nixon as David Frost. I think he'll be perfect in the role as the domineering undead leader of the Volturi.

I'm excited to see how Sheen will play the character since we're used to seeing him in more subdued roles. He does have that mischevious smile that will suit the manipulative Aro to a tee.

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has also said that she's pulling for Channing Tatum as Riley in Eclipse. Is she working on the Eclipse screenplay already? Riley is the new-born vampire who helps Victoria in her big fight at the end of the novel. He's somewhat of a tragic character because he thinks Victoria loves him, but she's only using him. Rob and Channing in one movie? Too delish!

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