Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dead to the World

Dead to the World is the fourth novel in Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire series, and it's my favorite so far. Waitress Sookie Stackhouse and her former vampire boyfriend Bill Compton are on the outs after he betrayed her in the last novel.

Sookie stumbles upon a naked man frantically running. This man happens to be her vampire friend Eric Northman. Eric is the powerful sheriff of their area. Sookie works for him when he needs it by using her telepathic skills, and Eric has also always had a thing for her.

Oddly enough, Eric doesn't know who Sookie is because his memory has been erased by evil witches. She takes him into her home, and takes care of him since the witches have put up fliers everywhere for the return of Eric for $50,000.

With her ex-boyfriend Bill in Peru, Sookie and Eric eventually they fall for each other. In order for Eric's memory to be restored though, they must fight the witches in the "Witch War."

This was a great beach read. As a big fan of Eric's, I was really happy to see he and Sookie finally get together. We'll see what happens with their relationship in the next book, Dead as a Doornail, now that his memory has been restored.

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