Monday, June 8, 2009

The Hangover

There’s not much to hate about this hangover. The Hangover, directed by Todd Phillips, takes us through the piecing together of the aftermath of a Las Vegas bachelor party.

Phil (dreamy Bradley Cooper) is a school teacher who takes the money from his student’s field trip expenses to take his buddy Doug (Justin Bartha) out for his Vegas bachelor party. Stu (The Office's Ed Helms), who is a dentist, tells his evil, domineering girlfriend (soon-to-be fiancée) that they’re going to Napa Valley for the weekend so that she'll let him go. Doug’s fiancée’s crazy, and possibly mentally challenged, brother Alan (the hilarious Zach Galifianakis) comes along for the trip too.

The craziness begins after the boys book a villa suite at Caesar’s Palace for over $4,000 a night. They group takes some seemingly innocent shots on the roof then we see them waking up the next morning with the groom nowhere in site. They must now piece together the night's events. There’s one problem - they don’t remember a thing! They do have some clues though; a live tiger (who we find out belongs to none other than Mike Tyson) is in their bathroom, a baby is in their room and Stu is missing a tooth.

Things get out of hand (and funnier) as we discover what happened to them the night before. Phil learns he was in the hospital, Stu married a stripper (Heather Graham), and they realize that they stole a police car.

This side-splitting, memorable film was perectly cast. The four guys were great together. We eventually find out what happened thanks to the discovery of a digital camera. The Hangover is sure to become a classic comedy.

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