Friday, June 26, 2009

Robert Pattinson looks happy

[Splash online]

See, he looks happy! Robert Pattinson smiled and waved for the cameras yesterday while filming Remember Me in Manhattan. Twilight actor Mike Welch, who plays Mike Newton, recently had this to say about his co-star Rob...

“I don’t see how this is sustainable—is this gonna keep going for the rest of his life? I understand it, it’s Edward Cullen, I get it. But he’s still Rob Pattinson first—he’s still his own guy. Is it time to start getting concerned here? He’s an actor who likes to prepare out in public — he likes to read a script at a coffee shop where there’s people walking by and there’s noise; he prepares that way. And he can’t really do that anymore. It’s tough, man … I don’t know where his life is really headed... Man, no, I don’t wish I had Rob’s life at all. I’m glad he’s OK. And as long as people don’t start ripping at him and breaking him in two, I think we’ll be OK … I wish him the best, and hope he’s going to be all right.”

Good grief! Welch is being awfully dramatic.

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