Monday, June 1, 2009

Craziness at the MTV Movie Awards

So we all know that it wouldn't be the MTV Movie Awards without something shocking, scandalous or wildly inappropriate happening. The 2009 awards did not disappoint. SNL comedian Andy Samberg hosted the show.

Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen's new flamboyant alter-ego, flew in (yes, flew in like an angel) to announce an award. Bruno happened to be wearing some sort of harness/thong, and he spiraled out of control and landed on Eminem's face. It was disturbing. Eminem dropped a few f-bombs and stormed out. I'm pretty sure he was in on it though.

Leann Rimes, Chris Isaac and Forest Whitaker did a lame melody of Samberg's songs like "D--- in a Box." Overall the presenters were unexciting. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, who star in the upcoming film The Proposal, were kind of awkward presenting, and Hayden Panattierre kept cussing while announcing the WTF Award.

Twilight racked up the awards including Best Breakout Performance Male for Rob Pattinson, Best Female Performance for Kristen Stewart (who dropped her golden popcorn award after accepting it, God bless her), Best Kiss and Best Movie. Rob and Kristen almost did a reenactment for their famous Edward and Bella kiss. Everyone wants to know - are they dating, or not?

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