Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To La Mer or not to La Mer?


I've been reading about Creme de La Mer for years. As a celeb favorite, I've always wanted to try it, but it's expensive. About a month ago, I asked for a sample at Saks. Before this kind of splurge, I need to know that I like it. The lady at the counter gave me a small sample, which I carefully patted onto my face every night for a few weeks until it ran out.

The formula is made with a nutrient-rich "Miracle Broth" that was developed by a scientist who was burned badly in a chemical explosion. Just a tiny bit of creme is needed because it's rich. It comes with a mini spatula-like thing that helps scoop it out.

I honestly think that it did make my skin feel smoother. Since I'm in my twenties, I wasn't worried about smoothing wrinkles per se. It was more about prevention because I definitely got a lot of sun when I was younger.

So, I figured since my wedding is coming up, why not splurge? My first jar of Creme de La Mer has officially arrived. Here's to hoping for skin miracles!

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