Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Shoes for everyone!"

I know that most people don't go to the beach and see a movie, but I do - especially when it's the sequel to Sex and the City. I didn't think the second installment of the film was as good as the first, but it's still a must-see for any SATC fan.

The film begins with the too-long and slightly pointless wedding of Stanford and Anthony. Carrie sports a tux as the best man. Liza Minnelli also sings "Single Ladies" (kinda scary) while an all-male choir sings show tunes.

Most of the film takes place in Abu Dhabi after Samantha gets an all-expenses paid trip from a Middle Eastern producer for her and her besties. It was fun seeing them somewhere other than the Big Apple.

Leading up to the trip, each girl is having her own issues: Carrie feels like she and Big have lost their "sparkle;" Samantha is trying to fight off menopause; Charlotte is stressed out by motherhood; Miranda just quit her job due to a sexist boss. So, they all could use a lavish vacay. They fly over in a luxe plane and are staying at an even more luxe hotel with personal butlers.

Carrie randomly runs into Aidan (John Corbett) in the market. She agrees to go to dinner with him which leads to a lapse in judgment. I was all about some Team Aidan when it was a TV show, but c'mon Carrie. Her self-centeredness can be annoying at times.

Anyway, in typical Samantha style, she gets into trouble after she meets a gorgeous man (Brit actor Max Ryan) in the desert and flirts too much with him in public - it is the Middle East after all. Then they lose all of their privileges and have to get out of Dodge.
The fashion is unreal, but we'd expect nothing less from the talented Patricia Field. At one point they're riding camels in couture. Carrie wears A LOT of Halston Heritage in the film. My favorite is this one-shoulder dress she wore with a festive turban (above photo). While in the market on their way out of the country, Carrie buys $20 souvenir shoes for everyone hence the title.

Overall, I'd say that it's not as bad as all of the critics are saying it is. It's SATC, afterall, so I say lighten up!

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