Friday, August 14, 2009

Hard Candy nail polish a la Walmart?

Begging my mom for $12 Hard Candy nail polish in the seventh grade was a hard sell. But, alas, she gave in, and I became the proud owner of a yellow and baby blue bottle of polish. They also came with cute jelly rings, which made them even cooler.

According to WWD, 3,000 Walmart stores are set to sell Hard Candy at lower prices. The line will include eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss and more in fun colors with names like "Kal-eye-descope." The average price will be around $7.

The brand was founded by Dina Mohajer in 1995 and was wildly popular. Sephora sold the brand for years. I also recently saw some at my local Marshall's.

This seems like a smart move to me. Everyone is looking for a bargain these days. I can't wait to check out the line!

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