Monday, August 31, 2009

Haute headbands


A few years ago, I went to a horse race in England, and most of the ladies were wearing gorgeous headpieces and hats. I felt a bit jealous that my hair was unadorned. I'm loving these Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf and Kate Middleton-esque (Prince William's lady love) headbands.

Katherine Heigl was sporting a fun, blue flower headband this weekend to host her Grey's Anatomy co-star's, Ellen Pompeo, baby shower. These headbands are perfect for something like a shower or a wedding. It instantly added some flair to her black belted dress and flats. I also like that she wore it with her hair pulled back - how easy is that to do?

I love this 'jeweled feather headband' from J.Crew ($39.95). Inexpensive headbands and clips can be found at Forever 21. One of my faves is the 'zipper trim headband' ($5.95). At their prices you can afford to stock up.

This look can also be achieved with a big flower or bejeweled clip. Depending on your destination, sometimes bigger is better. However, to achieve this look for work, stick to smaller, simpler accessories.

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