Monday, July 27, 2009

Denim is in

[Bauer Griffin]


OK, denim has always been in, but it's hot, hot, hot right now - from jeans to shirts to vests to purses, it's everywhere! There are a few stylish denim trends that I especially love...

1. Boyfriend jeans. These baggy, comfy and casual jeans look like they were stolen from your bf. Katie Holmes was the first to be seen in Current/Elliott jeans that looked like they were stolen from her hubby, Tom. In my opinion, the Current/Elliott jeans are a bit too expensive for something so trendy (over $200 a pop), but Old Navy has a cute affordable pair called the "Weekend Jeans" for $34.50. Or, steal your man's for absolutely free!

2. Tie-dye denim. These edgy jeans are definitely not for the timid. I'm digging the Black Orchid Jewel Skinny Jean in Stone (pictured, $107, I also like Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise black pair for a reasonable $68. If you're feeling crafty, you could take some bleach to an old pair of dark jeans for the same effiect.

3. Distressed denim. Torn, ripped or shredded denim is everywhere. This trend can also be mixed with a pair of torn boyfriend jeans. I love the look of torn skinnies, like the black J Brand pair seen in the photo ($187, Silence & Noise also makes a similar pair for $68 (available at Urban Outfitters). This look is best paired with a flowing top.

Unpleasant images of a Canadian tuxedo may come to mind when you think of head-to-toe denim, but there are ways you can wear denim on the top and the bottom without looking questionable. I like darker jeans paired with a lighter denim top or vest.

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