Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Abby (Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl) is a driven TV morning show producer in Sacramento, CA who can't seem to get a date. With her ratings in the dumps, her boss has decided to bring in Mike (Gerard Butler of 300), a controversial, chauvinist TV personality, to spice up their ratings. Mike has a show called "The Ugly Truth," where he tells women why they can't get dates.

Mike and Abby butt heads at first. He promises her that he will help her get her cute doctor neighbor Colin (Eric Winter) to like her, and if he doesn't then he'll quit the show. Abby becomes who Mike has told her to be - someone other than her usual "neurotic, situation controlling" self - so that Colin will fall in love with her. She eventually realizes that Colin doesn't know who she really is, and she likes someone else - I think you can guess who!

The movie has a happy ending, and Butler and Heigl had good chemistry. The Scottish Butler, who I loved in P.S. I Love You, is fun to watch because although he's not perfect looking, he is very rugged and masculine. The film definitely deserved its R rating for sexual scenes and language. Overall, it offers a lot of laughs. The audience in my theater really seemed to enjoy it.

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