Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lust: White jeans


White jeans (or anything white for that matter) isn't the easiest to wear. One speck of dirt and you're done for. Nevertheless, I've found myself wanting a new pair of white jeans. Perhaps Elle Macpherson's snowy Aspen apparel is what triggered it. It was a bold move for her to wear white pants in the snow - maybe snow doesn't get dirty in Colorado like it does here?

Anyway, she proves that these jeans can be worn now. They'll look great when it gets warmer too with brightly colored tops. So, they're really a year-round piece.

I'm obsessed with J Brand's 926 'Seven-Eighths' jeans in Aspen ($158). The cropped length is probably just about right on me, since I'm short and always have to get my J Brands hemmed anyway. If you're taller, you can tuck them into boots now and no one would know they're cropped but you.

For a more affordable pair, try Topshop's 'White Jamie Jeans' ($80). These fab skinny jeans will do the trick.

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