Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Russell Brand plugs book on Today

[Today Show]

British actor and comedian Russell Brand was on the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. He was discussing his new book My Booky Wook, ha! He was great as the sex-addicted rocker in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

There were some funny and awkward moments (which is normal during this hour of Today). Kathie Lee was, of course, fawning all over him. Russell even showed them his nipple. He claims that he still hasn't met a wife, and that he is 33, "the exact age that Jesus used to be - no comparison."

He said that he's learned that being "kind to your mum and lovely" is most important. Brand ended by saying that love is all that matters. God bless him!

My Booky Wook touches on his sex and heroin addiction and his life as a comedian. It has sold one million copies in the U.K., but it was just released in the United States today.

Watch the entertaining video here...

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  1. Ha! The same age of Jesus?! Who names their novel My Booky Wook? Seriously? There are millions of struggling writers and he's got a deal? He did, however, play a kooky rocker on Forgetting Sarah Marshall!