Thursday, March 12, 2009

Katie Holmes's bad outfit, good hair


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes walked the red carpet for Tokyo premiere of his film Valkyrie, which is great, btw. I'm not really digging Katie's outfit though. The top of the dress would have been pretty, but the bottom half is awful. The color and material aren't flattering, while the leggings and shoes don't do a thing to the outfit.

On the bright side, her hair looks great. She's one of those lucky few who can wear a short or long 'do well. It must be nice to be a celeb and get to change your hair all the time.


  1. I would look good with all types of hair too if I had millions of dollars!! What was she thinking with that outfit? Is it one of her creations? The leggings look awful! Did she lose her baggage on the way to Japan? I don't need a stylist to tell me that that outfit is awful!

  2. LOVE the hair... she looks so '87 with out it!