Thursday, March 12, 2009

Robert Pattinson smolders on GQ

Swoon! Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is looking F-I-N-E on the cover of the April issue of GQ. Well, putting Rob on the cover will certainly sell some issues - probably not not to their target audience of men, but rather to ladies of all ages. The article's headline reads, "Robert Pattinson is here. Hide your daughters."

The article by Alex Pappademas is well-written and positively hilarious. There is something so endearing about Rob because he seems very self-deprecating and a bit afraid of his new-found fame. He admits to walking out of the Twilight premiere ten minutes in to sit in his car because he can't stand seeing himself onscreen.

Rob discusses frequent tabloid rumors about him from having a Brazilian girlfriend that he's never met to dating his good friend Camilla Belle, who happens to date Joe Jonas. When the interviewer asked him if he had any last comments he says, "Okay, (deep breath) I f—ed Joe Jonas. I love him."

The photos black-and-white photos inside are delish. How does Rob do that thing with his eyes (see cover)? Whatever it is, us ladies love it. Mark your calendar; the issue hits stands nationwide March 24. Read the full article here...

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