Monday, March 23, 2009

I Love You, Man

I recently heard that mindless entertainment such as comedies is on the rise due to the depressing economy. I Love You, Man fits the bill. It is both hilarious and touching. Who would have pinned Clueless's Paul Rudd as the new king of comedies? His slight awkwardness is perfect for his funny guy roles.

Rudd plays real estate agent Peter Klaven who proposes to his girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones) then realizes that he doesn't have any male friends for his groomsmen. Zooey has two best friends, Denise (Jaime Pressley) and Hailey (Sarah Burns). Denise and her husband Barry (Jon Favreau) are particularly funny because they have these awful fights then make up. Peter's gay younger brother Robbie (Andy Samberg) tries to set him up on some "man dates" and warns him not to have dinner with any of the guys so that they don't get the wrong impression. After a series of disastrous "dates," Peter meets likable Sydney Fife (Jason Segal) at an open house for Lou Ferrigno's, TV's Incredible Hulk, crib.

Peter and Sydney instantly hit it off despite the fact that they are polar opposites and bond over their love of the band Rush. Sydney prefers to date divorcees, and he yells at strangers simply to express his manliness. They have frequent jam sessions where Rudd delivers the hilarious "slappin' the bass" lines in a Leprechaun accent.

For the first time in Peter's life, he is able to confide in a male friend. Sydney encourages Peter to step out of his comfort zone to sell some houses. Eventually their friendship begins to put a strain on his relationship with Zooey, especially after Sydney gives Zooey some inappropriate sexual advice at their engagement party. Don't worry though, I Love You, Man has a happy ending.

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