Friday, November 6, 2009

Crate & Barrel Christmas decor warms my heart

'Tis the season to buy your holiday decorations. Crate & Barrel's decorations always get me in the spirit. I think their decor is very similar year after year - but hey, if it ain't broke... Here are a few of my favorites from this year's holiday catalog.

Marimekko Tamara Bed Linens ($34.95-$139). How much fun would it be to change your bed linens for the holidays? I would totally do this if I had this festive bedding. There's also a matching shower curtain and towels. The purple and fuchsia Marimekko Poloneesi Bed Linens ($39.95-$119) are also lovely.

Ornament Tree ($59.95). This tree is so adorable. I would definitely add the fabulous 12 Days of Christmas ornaments ($39.95, pictured) to mine.

Cheer Pillow ($21.95). I always love to add a new pillow to the sofa for the holidays. This one with felt buttons is just precious, plus it's a great price.
Tidings Doormat ($29.95). A Christmas doormat is crucial for me. I love this white poinsettia one. There's also 'Tidings rug' for $39.95.

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