Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lovely desk planners


Yes, I am one of those old-fashioned people who likes to write down my to-dos in a planner - one made of actual paper. With 2010 fast approaching, I must decide which type of planner I'm going to go with this year.

In the past, I've enjoyed using the planner from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have a work of art for every single week, which provides me with a weekly art lesson and offers up some art work to decorate the walls of my grey cubicle. This year's calendar (featured above) is "Secret Gardens," and it's $15.95.

I've also used NYC's MoMA calendars in the past. This year's has the theme "Colors of the Rainbow (ROYGBIV)," and it sells for $16.95.

Kate Spade also has a lovely desktop calendar. The spiral calendar was illustrated in watercolor by Brooklyn-based artist Bella Foster. It includes three pages per month, plus notes, address and restaurant pages. It's $20 and ships for free.

Now, which of these three gorgeous calendars will I choose to help me plan 2010?

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