Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gossip Girl's star's questionable outfits


I'm a fan of Gossip Girl, though the plotlines of late have made me rethink my loyalty (Dan/Vanessa/Olivia threesome? ewww!). Despite this, the show has always had great fashion. Blair Waldorf brought back headbands for goodness sake. However, some of these well-dressed stars have taken a turn for the worse lately on and off-screen.

Leighton Meester wore this hideous outfit (above) to perform her new single "Somebody to Love" at the opening of American Eagle in Times Square. I've always admired her for her fashion-forward choices, but this is too far. There isn't a single redeeming quality to this outfit - those pants, that belt, the boots, the tube top, a dewdrop. Ouch, now I have a headache.

The outfit that Meester wore after her performance wasn't much better. The harsh makeup, and again, there she goes with the tube top thing.

[PR Photos]

Now let's discuss Blake Lively. She wore this atrocity to the premiere of her film The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Has she never heard the cleavage/leg ratio rule? Those white pumps, shorts and jacket are awful. If she had to wear that jacket, it would've been better with a pencil skirt or pants and black shoes. While I'm on the subject, her clothes as Serena on GG are starting to starting to mirror her real-life clothing choices, and that's not a good thing.

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