Friday, November 13, 2009

Fab holiday gifts at Fishs Eddy


I first heard of Fishs Eddy after my New Yorker sister bought a fabulous wedding gift from there. I didn't think about it again until I discovered that they have an online store for those of us outside of the NYC area...just in time for the holidays!

I'm particularly fond of their gift boxed sets - adorable and affordable (ranging from $11.70-$33). I love the gift set of eight 'nut bowls' (or olive, mints, etc.), and they're only $19.95. There are tons of patterns to choose from for dishes, mugs, platters and more including Alice in Wonderland, Brooklyn, NY Skyline, Happy Birthday and Birds on a Wire. There's even a pills pattern and pharmacy mug.

Need a gift for a winter wedding? They have cake stands, crystal champagne flutes and wine glasses galore. Everything is put into a fun gift box too. Other gift items include umbrellas, tote bags, postcards, t-shirts, linens and 'special finds' like the very cool 'Chrysler Building Lantern' ($64.95).

Fishs Eddy is located at 889 Broadway at 19th Street, New York, NY 10003. I'll definitely be making a stop there on my next trip to NYC. Check out the site here.


  1. What a great find!This tidbit of information is exactly what I enjoy reading about . . . a jewel that needs to be discovered!

    -Hopewell, Mrs. R

  2. Yes, they have so much cute stuff there! Next time you're in NYC you'll have to check it out :)