Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poetic Licence 'Glitz & Glam Bootie'


I've noticed lately that Poetic Licence has some very cute shoes. I'm particularly obsessed with the 'Glitz & Glam Bootie' ($128.95 at Nordstrom). It's available in black, plum and gold/silver. Plus, they have a Christian Louboutin-esque red inner heel.

Though I love all three colors, my favorite is the black. I would wear the satin/velvet booties to a Christmas party. They'd be perfect with a festive dress and tights.


  1. I love Poetic License shoes, they are so cute and often quite funky and unusual.

    I think I would love those in the plum velvet.

  2. I love their shoes too. The plum velvet is fabulous!