Friday, October 30, 2009

Regis & Kelly go BA-nanas

It's always a riot to see what Regis and Kelly dress up as for Halloween. This year I think they took the cake with their hilarious spoof of The Rachel Zoe Project. They also did one of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and The Bachelor, but they weren't as good.

Is it just me, or does Kelly look eerily similar to Rachel with those oversized shades? Of course she was rocking Rachel's signature fur too. Regis was her assistant Brad in a bowtie and glasses. Kelly also played Taylor in signature plaid and dark nails. Gelman was Rachel's husband Rodger. Lit-rally dying!

[Today Show]

It's also always fun to see what the Today Show crew will transform to. This year they went with a Star Wars theme. Hoda gets the award though for her Yoda get-up. It's pretty cool that they were able to use authentic stuff straight from George Lucas.

Here's who was who: Natalie Morales (Queen Amidala), Kathie Lee Gifford (C-3PO), Chewbacca (mystery person?), Meredith Vieira (Princes Leia), Matt Lauer (Luke Skywalker), Al Roker (Han Solo), Ann Curry (Darth Vader) and Hoda Kotb (Yoda).

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