Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar night!

It's finally here! The 81st Academy Awards are tonight on ABC. Despite this year's sad and/or depressing film nominations (besides Slumdog Millionaire), the Oscars are featuring an exciting new format. Young actors like Twilight star Robert Pattinson will take the stage as presenters. Beyonce is performing, and High School Musical stars Zac Efron and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens are performing together.

Hunky Hugh Jackman is hosting the show. Having an actor makes so much more sense to me than the usual comedian types that they have host like Jon Stewart or Ellen Degeneres. I think he'll do a great job. Maybe he will sing and dance for us.

I'm so excited that they decided to shake things up. Ratings haven't been what they used to be, and I think this new format might give them a boost. I can't wait to see what the stars are wearing!

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