Saturday, February 21, 2009

Puccini's Tosca

I saw my first opera tonight - Puccini's Tosca. The opera is sung in Italian with English translations. The Italian language is so beautiful.

The opera takes place in the time of Napoleon's reign. Floria Tosca is in love with a handsome painter Mario Cavaradossi. She thinks that he is cheating on her because he uses the likeness of a woman they know for a painting he is creating in a church.

Cesare Angelotti escapes from prison and visits Cavaradossi in the church. He hides him in his villa. The evil Chief of Police Baron Scarpia finds out that he has escaped and comes to look for him. He takes Cavaradossi on suspicion of hiding the prisoner. Scarpia has other motives because he wants Tosca for himself, so he tricks her into thinking that she can save her love by spending one night with him.

The music is absolutely incredible. It's a tragic love story, but it has definitely peaked my interest in operas, and I will be seeing more. Hopefully Puccini's La Boheme will be my next opera adventure.

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