Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something Borrowed the movie!

I just found out that Emily Giffin's book Something Borrowed is being made into a movie. I've read all of Giffin's books, and this one was my favorite.

Kate Hudson (Darcy), Colin Farrell (Marcus), John Krasinski (Ethan), Ginnifer Goodwin (Rachel) and Colin Egglesfield (Dex) will star in the film. Rachel and Darcy have been BFFs since forever. Darcy has always managed to outshine Rachel. After Rachel has too much to drink at her 30th birthday, she ends up with Darcy's boyfriend, Dex. She then realizes that she's always been in love with him.

The film is set to be released next year. So exciting!


  1. OMG I read Something Borrow and Something Blue when I was traveling in Feb. and loved both, I have her next two books also...which I can not wait to read. But now there is a movie...with Colin Ferrell, how fabalous!!

    xo, Courtney

  2. You'll like the other two books! And she's coming out with a new book soon called "The Heart of the Matter." The movie will be sooo good though!

  3. so exciting! I loved these books!