Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun jewelry site: Charm & Chain

I've always been a jewelry girl with a penchant for anything from David Yurman to flea market and Forever 21 baubles. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon the jewelry site Charm & Chain. The site features lots of great designers from Alexis Bittar, Sequin, Erickson Beamon, Kenneth Jay Lane and many more.

Each item has a clever description, too. As a copywriter, I definitely appreciate that. Here are a few of my favorite things on the site... [charmandchain.com]

The 'Black Leather and Gold Sunburst Cocktail Ring' ($45) by House of Harlow, Nicole Richie's new line, is fabulous. I love black and gold together, and this design has an Egyptian feel. Plus, you don't see tons of cool jewelry featuring leather.
The 'Drop Bangles' ($60) by Amanda Rudley are so pretty. I'm obsessed with gold right now - too bad it hit $1,200 an ounce today, aghhh! These bangles are 18K vermeil (which I recently learned is a mix of sterling silver, gold and other precious metals) and you can choose your stone - green amethyst, smoky topaz, rose quartz or blue topaz.
I adore a statement necklace. The 'Layered Ball & Chain Necklace' ($150) by Tuleste Market is a delightfully layered piece. Oh my goodness, Tuleste Market has some amazing pieces. The 'Millie's Bow Drop Earrings' ($75) by Rachel Leigh are lovely. They look prim-and-proper, yet slightly edgy with the stud posts. These would be perfect to wear to a Christmas party.

Charm & Chain also has a personal shopper feature where someone will help you pick out gifts after filling out an online questionnaire. Use the code peopleholiday for an extra 20% off through December 25 courtesy of people.com.


  1. Very cool site, I found a few pieces i loved, like the Daphne Pearl Bow earrings and the Geometric Rock ring, but they were both out of stock!

  2. Yeah, I noticed a lot of stuff that I liked was out of stock too. Maybe they'll get more inventory as the site gets more popular!