Monday, December 21, 2009

A review of Rodarte for Target

[Teen Vogue]

I'd been anxiously awaiting Rodarte's Target collection for months. By the time I went online yesterday, a lot of items were already sold out. Then I learned that they had the collection in my local store, so I schlepped through the snow and ice to check it out.

Unfortunately I discovered that I'll have to return the items that I bought online. I tried on practically everything, and let me tell you - this stuff runs small! Most of the items are in juniors sizes of 1-13, which is fine, but they're at least one size off from the normal sizes of 0-12.

One of my favorite pieces ended up being the macabre 'Sequin Ribcage' dress (in sizes S, M, L) for $49.99. It actually has a nice feeling material, and it would look fabulous with a striped shirt underneath. It's a spin on the classic sequin shift.
Another piece that I purchased is the 'Mesh Lace Swiss Dot Printed Top' for $29.99. The mesh material felt good too. I'll wear it with a tank underneath and might even pair it with my sequined shorts. It's a good top for work too.
The 'Mesh Lace Cardigan' ($29.99) is fabulous. They have it in ochre (which I bought), black and tan. It'll be great belted over dresses.
The 'Cotton Striped Long Sleeve Top' ($16.99) is a good wardrobe staple for the price. It'd be perfect for layering under sweaters and dresses.
I was really looking forward to buying the 'Crepe Slip Lace Dress' ($39.99) after seeing in magazines for months. However, when I tried it on, the tulle and lace sticks to you like glue. The material is also paper-thin. It wouldn't work in these cold months, and I kept envisioning it sticking to my tights in unsightly places.
Dakota Fanning wore the 'Leopard Print Lace Dress' ($44.99) in the January Teen Vogue. It looks great on her, and it looks great on the hanger. When I put this thing on it was frightening. The material is stiff, and the zipper is very hard to maneuver - especially with the snapped bows down the back. C'est la vie.

I was very interested in a faux fur leopard coat that was supposedly going to be part of the collection. It wasn't in stores or online though.

Overall, I have to say that I'm disappointed in the collection. I'm such a fan of Laura and Kate Mulleavy's designs that I was expecting more. A lot of the material felt cheap, and the sizing was just way off.


  1. It's too bad so many of the pieces didn't work out, you would think a designer wouldn't just put their name on anything - who wants an uncomfortable dress that you can't get into?

    Out of the collection, I like the mesh lace cardigan the best.

  2. Yeah, it's very disappointing! No one likes to buy bigger sizes than they'd normally wear either, haha.