Thursday, December 31, 2009

GAP denim tunic


It's hard to believe that stores are already selling spring clothes. One particular item that I'm loving is GAP's 'Denim Tunic Top' ($59.50) with a mandarin collar. You could do some much with it.

Wear it now with black leggings or opaque tights with the sleeves rolled down. It'll look great in the spring too with the sleeves rolled up. It could also be belted for a totally different look. Wear is with your short cowboy boots if you're feeling a little bit country.


  1. It's frightening how fast they roll out the spring lines! (have you seen the easter candy, that's out already too!)

    But you really could wear much of the spring clothes now - so much of it is wintery - sweaters and long sleeved tops.

  2. I just bought this and am SO excited to wear it!!

  3. I just got this in my new! improved! attempt at branching out from my hum drum style...and I'm at a loss for how to wear it. (Its got pockets -- which pretty much rocks -- but do you belt around them?

    Any ideas other what you suggested above? Pictures?? I'm pretty much a snore in the style arena so any help would be greatly appreciated!