Monday, March 22, 2010

"The Bounty Hunter"

I saw The Bounty Hunter this past weekend. Gerard Butler's and Jennifer Aniston's recent films haven't been very successful (*cough* The Ugly Truth and Love Happens). Though this isn't a great movie, the two of them seem to have pretty good chemistry as a formerly married on-screen couple.

Newspaper reporter Nicole Hurley (Aniston) is arrested for a traffic violation. When she's about to scoop a major story, she misses her court appointment which causes her former cop, now bounty hunter, ex-husband Milo Boyd (Butler) to come after her. He's more than happy to track down his ex-wife since there are still some bad feelings over their divorce.

When Milo has Nicole in his custody, they realize that crooked policemen are after Nicole over what she knows about the murder story she was about to scoop. This is an adventurous rom-com, so you've probably guessed that these two end up remembering all of the good things about each other and why they were married in the first place.

I never saw Love Happens, but this was an improvement for Butler over the tacky Ugly Truth. Bottom line: wait for this one to come out on DVD.

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