Thursday, March 4, 2010

H&M Americana


From red, white and blue to denim overalls and cowboy boots, H&M's "Americana" style guide is fabulous and patriotic.

Above I picked some of my favorite pieces. PLEASE let them have these in my store...

-Acid-washed denim dress, $34.95
-Grey polka dot strapless dress, $34.95
-Blush pink ruffle dress, $17.95 (can't afford not to buy this!)
-Plaid tiered miniskirt, $24.95
-Chain strap purse, $14.95
-Polka dot blouse, $14.95
-Springsteen shirt, $14.95 (loves it)
-Blue belted shorts, $24.95
-Floral scarf, $7.95

This is practically a new spring wardrobe for under $200!

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