Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gaucho hats and clogs

After catching up on my magazine reading last night, I am super-excited for spring fashion. Much like the September issues, spring issues are also chock-full of advertisements. My favorite ad campaign was the South American-themed Chanel.

It featured Claudia Schiffer and models Freja Beha Erichsen and Baptiste Giabiconi wearing gaucho hats for the Argentina shoot. I couldn't find the photo online, but in one photo Schiffer is carrying the lovely, colorful bag below.While I'm on the subject of Chanel, let's discuss those clogs. I must admit that I love them - they're tall and I can easily disguise if I've been slacking on a pedicure! I used to have a pair of Coach clogs that I wore all the time, but I'm afraid they're too filthy to break out this time around. I can't wait to find a fabulous pair that I can afford.

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