Monday, March 15, 2010

"Remember Me"

My family didn't want to see Remember Me with me after some questionable reviews. However, I used my power of persuasion like any Twilight fan would do, and they caved. Robert Pattinson stars as Tyler Hawkins, a brooding and lost early twenty-something. Emilie de Ravin (Lost) plays his love interest, Ally.

The film begins with a young Ally's mom being mugged and killed on a New York City subway platform in front of her. Her detective father (played by Chris Cooper) has tried to protect her ever since being, at times, over-bearing. Tyler's older brother committed suicide years ago, and his family has been understandably on edge ever since. His parents are divorced, and his relationship with his successful and aloof dad (Pierce Brosnan) is strained to say the least. He has a younger sister who also feels ignored by her father and is picked on at school.

Tyler ends up being arrested by Ally's dad after a bar fight. As a form of revenge, his best friend suggests that he hook up with his daughter whom he's seen in class. He goes along with the plan, but he and Ally eventually fall in love. She helps bring Tyler back to life.

For a good part of the movie, I had a foreboding sense that something bad was going to happen even (or maybe especially) when things started looking up for the characters. The ending is shocking and very sad. Not to give anything away, but I'd read something about a connection to September 11, but it didn't click until the end.

R.Pattz is gorgeous in this movie. I love me some Edward Cullen, but it's great seeing him on the big screen sporting his natural eye and skin color. This film proves that he does have acting chops, and can play a character, albeit a brooding one, other than a vampire with great finesse.

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